Several investment opportunities are available at all times. We offer direct investments in our partner companies and our real estate investment fund as well as third party investment opportunities. 


Minimum investments start at $2500. Returns are offered as high as 18% APR. Minimum investment terms begin at just 3 months. Ownership shares of partner companies may also become available from time to time. 


In order for us to best cater to your needs, please email us and request an investor questionnaire. 



Business Owners


If you are a small business owner or real estate developer in the Philadelphia area, we are able to offer direct funding and broker indirect funding for your company's needs.


We are interested in joint ventures with small businesses in the automotive and real estate industries among others. We are also available to broker the sale of a portion or the entirety of your business or real estate holdings. 


Opportunities abound. Please email info@darrowholdings.com for further information.